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The investment area is located between the Racławicka and Skarbowców street. It is part of the former, large recreational complex with a water reservoir. Eastern and southern borders with residential buildings, with a pond on the north, west of the undeveloped green areas.
Racławicka Center is a complex of 3 office buildings Class B + located on an area of ​​1.85 hectares. The investment will expand the existing three-story office building B1 an additional two more objects: B2 and B3.

New office buildings have been designed on the plan of a triangle, which, combined with the existing building B1, will be incorporated into the landscape, taking into account natural and terrain aspects.

The facade of the complex, through the use of characteristic architectural details and elements of wood, stresses the special, close to nature, character of the place. Office buildings have a large number of windows, which enhances their rhythm, provides great flexibility in the arrangement of office space, and above all provide good natural lighting of rooms. New buildings have 4 floors above ground and basement – underground garages with independent entrances. There is also parking for bicycles.

At the top floor of the existing building B1 there are terraces. On level 0, from the north, the bridge is set into the slope of the countryside. It will provide an additional, attractive aspect in the area of ​​the office of a series of pavements and bond the entire urban project setting.

Racławicka Center combines modernity and nature. Business is connected with nature, its greenery, clean air and silence, so needed in the city. Of course, a dedicated courtyard overlooks a pond surrounded by strolling areas down the avenue, with galleries of trees and shrubs. During the day you can eat lunch there in the fresh air, and after work, you can relax while doing Nordic walking.